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Teams: How to recruit and retain good employees to grow your business

Are you finding it hard to recruit and retain loyal, honest, and hardworking people who are committed to building and growing your business?

Are you tired of losing your staff after all the time, effort, and money you’ve invested in hiring, salaries, and training?

If you want to build a business that grows and scales, you will need good employees. They are the most valuable asset in every successful business.

However, unlike other assets you need to build a business, human beings can be the most difficult and unpredictable to manage.

This course will help you understand how “people power” works and how you can start leveraging other people’s knowledge, skills, and time to build a bigger, better, and more successful business.

What you’ll learn

In this introduction course, you will learn:

  • The secret of leverage and how successful entrepreneurs use “people power” to grow their companies
  • 5 reasons to leverage “people power” in your business and the massive benefits it can bring
  • The 7 Core Motivations that will make people want to work for you and build your business
  • The "LSC Framework" for recruiting and retaining a loyal team of good people
  • How culture, strong systems, and good leadership can help solve the people problems in your business.

LESSON 1: Leverage -- The Secret of People Power in Business

LESSON 2: The 7 Key Motivations That Will Make People Work For You

LESSON 3: How To Hire & Grow A Loyal Team of People To Build Your Business

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