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Fundraising: How to attract up to $1 million for any business

Many people with bright business ideas can't get started because they can't find the funds they need to launch the business.

Many young and old businesses close down because they run out of cash and capital to keep going.

The ability to raise funds for business is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can have. It is a complex skill that requires the ability to sell, understand business finances, and how to speak the language of investors.

This Funding Masterclass, which shares the basics of fundraising, will help you understand why there's a lot of investor money out there but many entrepreneurs still struggle to raise money.

After a decade of working with entrepreneurs to raise between $5,000 and over $1 million for different types of businesses, the insights in this course will help to increase your chances of raising money for your business.

What you'll learn...

In this introduction course, you will learn:

  • The proven 5-step process in the Roadmap Strategy for raising money for any business
  • The common mental roadblocks that hold you back from raising money
  • The 5 Core Motivations why investors actually want to give you their money
  • Why all money is not the same and the three majors to watch out for.
  • The stages of business and how they affect your chances of raising funds from investors.
  • The key factors that influence the type of funding you can get.

Lesson 1: How To Raise Money For Any Business with the ROADMAP Strategy

Take the advanced course

Learn everything you need to raise between $10,000 and $1 million (or more) for your business.

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