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Do you have a brilliant business idea, but don’t know what to do next; where to start, or how to start?

Several studies show that casualty rates for new businesses are very high. That’s why the first few months and years of your new business are critical.

This course will help you identify some of the unrealistic expectations, costly assumptions, and avoidable mistakes many entrepreneurs make as they start their businesses.

This course will also help you make the right moves so you start your business in a way that increases its chances of survival and success.

What you’ll learn

In this introduction course, you will learn:

  • What the journey of a startup really looks like and how to survive the “valley of death.”
  • The 6 things you need to consider about your business idea before you actually start it.
  • The 6 critical things you really need to start a business
  • The 6M Framework — the 6 critical areas you need to focus on before and after you start your business
  • The next steps for transforming your business idea into a real business.

LESSON 1: Watch This Before You Start A New Business!

LESSON 2: The 6 Things You Need To Successfully Start A New Business

LESSON 3: How To Transform Your Business Idea Into A Real Business

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