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Need to raise money for business in 2024? These are the Top 100 Places to target (The Full Guide)

Every year, these organisations provide over $1 billion in equity, loans, and grants to businesses and projects across Africa. If you're looking to start a project or grow a business on the continent, these should be your top 100 targets.

Entrepreneurs in Africa struggle to raise funds for business. But many aren't looking in the right places. Photo by Giorgio Trovato.

As the world seeks high-growth opportunities in emerging markets, a lot of money is flowing into Africa to fund viable businesses and high-impact projects.

Every year, global investors stake up to $50 billion in foreign direct investments (FDI) that fund various businesses and projects across Africa.

In addition to these FDI inflows, another $35 billion enters the continent annually as official development assistance (ODA) that provides grants and loans for various initiatives and projects.

But to stand a chance to access any of this funding, you need to knock on the right doors and look in the right places.

This detailed guide profiles the most active investment firms, private capital funds, international donor funds, development organisations, philanthropic foundations, and support platforms that invest in businesses, projects and initiatives on the African continent.

If you're looking for equity funding, loans, grants, or a hybrid financing solution, this guide provides valuable information on the offerings, focus areas, sample African investments, and contact information of these 100 organisations.

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