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Private Consultations & Strategy Sessions

Our consultations and strategy sessions provide clarity, direction, and accountability for entrepreneurs who want to overcome tough business obstacles, exploit rewarding opportunities, and hit ambitious business goals.

Consultations and strategy meetings with John-Paul Iwuoha in progress. Four clients in separate private sessions discuss strategies for business startup, growth, fundraising, competitiveness, and more.

In the last decade, more than 100 entrepreneurs and business owners have applied insights from our consultation calls and strategy sessions to solve difficult business problems, overcome doubt and indecision, and get the guidance and strategic direction they need to finally start or grow their businesses.

Our consultation and strategy sessions typically start with an understanding of the business problem or goal you want to achieve, followed by a 1-hour session on Zoom, Skype, or phone with our business expert to discuss, brainstorm, analyze, advise, and develop a roadmap for execution.

Following the consultation and strategy session, you will be expected to follow the roadmap and execute the strategy, and let us know if you need further consultations, strategy sessions, and support.

💬 Client Success Stories

See examples of how our consultations and strategy sessions have helped various clients.

Maxwell Adew

Founder, Kuueza Limited (USA & Ghana)

Maxwell Adew, co-founder of Kuueza.

Maxwell is the brain behind Kuueza, one of Africa's most effective digital marketplace and logistics platforms that enable African producers and businesses to export valuable products to the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

The company now has a community of over 500 exporters on its WeExchange platform who earn FX revenues by selling products overseas. Kuueza's digital platform and strategic partnership with logistics providers like DHL have made it easier for African exporters to access foreign markets.

Maxwell's business growth benefitted immensely from several insights and strategies that were hatched during his consultations and strategy sessions with John-Paul Iwuoha of Smallstarter Africa (now Activator HQ).

Through the guidance in our strategy sessions, Maxwell competed in the Seedstars regional competition in Ghana and finished in first place.

Client feedback: "I'm delighted that Kuueza has emerged the winner of the Seedstars World competition in Ghana. Special thanks to John-Paul for his advice and all the personal sessions we had prior to the competition. They were of great help in reaching this milestone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Maxwell Adew, co-founder, Kuueza.

Engr. Musa Darboe

Founder, Maruo Farms (The Gambia)

Engr. Musa Darboe, Founder & CEO of Maruo Farms Limited.

After 17 years as a successful immigrant and telecom engineer in the USA, Musa Darboe had business ideas and planned to return to his native Gambia to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions.

He had a concept for a large-scale commercial rice production business that would modernize the local rice industry, create jobs and opportunities for rural farmers, and help to reduce the Gambia’s huge dependence on imported rice.

Through consultations and strategy sessions with John-Paul Iwuoha of Smallstarter Africa (now Activator HQ), Musa developed an effective business model and startup strategy to launch his dream business in The Gambia.

Today, his business, Maruo Farms Limited, is one of the biggest and fastest-growing indigenous rice producers and processors in the Gambia. The company has attracted over $1 million in funding, land development assistance, and equipment financing support from both private and public sources.

As part of its growth strategy, the company has expanded into poultry, dairy, and vegetable products, making it an integrated agricultural production company in the Gambia.

Client feedback: "When I started my consultations and strategy sessions, all I had was a passion for farming, with very little professional business experience. Now, I can talk to real business people and investors and sell my business ideas. John-Paul is not only an exceptional business advisor, but indeed a mentor. His understanding of market opportunities is unique." Engr. Musa Darboe, Founder, Maruo Farms

Deyo Olatunji

Founder, TexSourcing (UK & Nigeria)

Deyo is a textile enthusiast who relishes creative and unique fabric designs that make fashion pieces stand out. Her innovative business model helps clothing brands and fashion entrepreneurs in Nigeria source customized fabrics from textile manufacturers across the world.

With orders made over the internet, Deyo's company, TexSourcing, manages the magic and logistics that transform fabric ideas in your head into real designs and textures in your hand.

When Deyo started her consultations and strategy sessions with John-Paul Iwuoha of Smallstarter Africa (now Activator HQ), she needed guidance and a strategic path to launch the business, prove the model, and acquire customers.

Today, while still a work in progress, Deyo is using the insights and strategies from the consultations to take important steps that will yield results and make the business a reality.

Client feedback: "These consultations and strategy sessions have been invaluable to my startup journey. It is liberating to have the opportunity to sound off your ideas with an expert who can give you objective feedback and guidance. It is totally worth the price and more." Deyo Olatunji, Founder, TexSourcing

🕜 Our Process

This is the 3-Step Process that guides our work:

To maximize the value and impact of our consultation and strategy sessions with clients, we work through a 3-stage process that includes: a pre-consultation survey, the consultation and strategy session itself, and the execution and follow-up that occurs after the session.

Each stage of our process is described below:

1: Pre-Consultation Survey

After your booking for a consultation and strategy session is confirmed and you have chosen a convenient date and time on our Client Calendar for your session, we will send you a link (via email) to complete a mandatory Pre-Consultation Survey.

The Pre-Consultation Survey is a list of 5 to 10 questions that give us insights into your backstory and help us understand the business problems, challenges, objectives, or goals you want to discuss during the consultation and strategy session.

With this survey, which helps us understand your past and where you're coming from, the consultation session can focus more on the future and the goals you want to achieve. Better still, the information you provide in the survey will help to better prepare the expert for your session.

2: The Consultation & Strategy Session

The consultation and strategy session, which typically lasts for 30 to 90 minutes, is usually interactive, with the expert mostly listening to you and asking probing questions to identify root causes, latent issues, opportunity gaps, and leverage points that could lead to strategy recommendations.

Because our clients are located across the world in different timezones, our consultation and strategy sessions are typically virtual and hosted on Zoom, Skype, phone, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or any suitable voice-video conferencing platform.

For future reference and to allow you to replay the session for nuggets of insight, our consultation and strategy sessions are usually recorded if this feature is available on the video conferencing app.

A link to download the video file will be sent to you (via email) after the session.

While we are bound by a strict privacy and confidentiality policy regarding our client records, you still reserve the right to choose to not record your sessions with us.

3: Execution & Follow-up

Without execution, strategy is useless. As a result, you will be expected to follow through with executing the strategy recommendations and milestone objectives from the consultation and strategy session.

However, if you still have questions or challenges that hold you back from reaching your objectives, we provide follow-up channels via email and chat rooms on WhatsApp to engage with the expert and get the support, answers, and guidance you need.

However, quite often, you may need to book additional consultation and strategy sessions to build on your progress, keep you accountable, and set new and higher business goals after you have achieved your initial or previous milestone targets.

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